ProGuard Canada

The Gathering Place

Gathering Place features some amazing feats of architectural glass design. Assuring these glass façades are kept in pristine condition is crucial. As a result, the operations team at Gathering Place were interested in finding a solution that would keep their glass looking beautiful for years to come, as well as reduce cleaning time.

“After learning about the benefits of protective coatings on glass façades, my research led me to DFI, explained Josh Henderson, Vice President of Operations. They then pointed me to the stain resistance Diamon-Fusion® offers and the rest is history. Flash forward one year later – the glass still looks great, and maintenance is extremely easy.”

The team at DFI was awarded the opportunity to apply Diamon-Fusion® protective coating to more than 31,000 sq. ft. of high-performance, insulated commercial glazing including the parks “Boathouse” (central gathering place) and Williams Lodge (the parks welcoming and iconic structure).

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