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Eco-Clear is developed from a unique 3D nanostructured plural-polymer chemistry to provide exceptional surface protection on top of compatible industrial coating systems. Eco-Clear is the most environmentally responsible, sustainable and durable protective clear coat available.


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Eco-Clear is a WaterBased multi-surface protective clear coat engineered with an eco-innovative 3D nano-structure and remarkable adhesion to multiple surfaces including wood, concrete, brick and metal. Based on an industry award-winning, disruptive coating technology, Eco-Clear leads the way in sustainability as a green, odorless, non-polluting coating technology for the long term durability, care and maintenance of assets.

Eco-Clear quickly bonds to form a long term protective barrier against the elements. Eco-Clear excels in scratch, chip, marring, abrasion, and UV resistance; and it provides extreme protection to help prevent damage from water & moisture penetration and the effects of weathering and corrosion that an asset will encounter during its service life.


Eco-Clear dramatically improves resistance to corrosion, weathering, abrasion, scratching, chipping, marring, chemical, and UV degradation. We achieve these industry leading levels of protection by incorporating polyurethane, polyuria pre-polymer and polysilane into a molecule dense 1K product. What makes Eco-Clear additionally so unique is our extreme protection requires no activators, hardeners, or accelerators in the application process, making Eco-Clear extremely applicator friendly.

Eco-Clear prevents damage from:


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