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Captain Cook Cruises

Captain Cook Cruises signature vessel, Sydney 2000, is the leading cruise ship on the Sydney Harbour. When you are carrying 10,000+ passengers and tourists every year, a clear view of all the beautiful sights Sydney Harbour has to offer is paramount. Maintaining the clarity of the ship’s glass is a never-ending and impossible battle against the harsh elements which inevitably, over time, will win out and permanently corrode and stain the glass. This ultimately distorts the view and puts a negative impact on the passenger’s experience.

“Over the years we have tried various products to clean and protect the glass on the Sydney 2000, but nothing has held up against the saltwater. Fortunately, we came across EziCleen Surface Protection at a trade show and following a trial on the lower deck of the ship we were so impressed with the clarity of the glass and the ease of maintenance that we chose EziCleen to restore the rest of the ships water stained windows and then protect them with Diamon-Fusion® easy-to-clean coating.”

“We are so pleased with the result we are treating two more vessels, with the view to treating the entire Sea Link/Captain Cook fleet.” – David Waltho | Tourism Maintenance Manager, Captain Cook Cruises

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