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Ferrosur Grupo Mexico

Ferrosur Grupo Mexico operates the largest railroad network in Mexico, with more than 10,000 km (6,200 miles) of track covering the major industrial and commercial zones in Mexico. Ferrosur, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico decided to reduce their endless and costly re-painting cycles by implementing Nano-Clear Industrial coating as the protective topcoat of their coatings system.

Nano-Clear Industrial Coating was chosen to protect Ferrosur’s Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) from corrosion, chemical and UV attack. The ASTs were wet-media blasted to remove all corrosion and remaining paint. The ASTs were repainted with International Interzone 954 epoxy. The tanks were then top-coated with Nano-Clear Industrial Coating using airless spray equipment. Due to the outstanding performance of Nano-Clear, Ferrosur has contracted for more of their AST assets to be coated with Nano-Clear.

Industrial companies within the oil & gas sector have a big problem with ASTs corroding, paint oxidizing then failing and mold growth. Conventional epoxy paints by themselves do not have the physical properties for long-term surface protection. Asset owners’ managers must continually re-paint ASTs and refinery pipelines to deal with on-going paint failures. The cost to repair failing paint is very expensive and results in a “patchy” look on the storage tanks and pipelines.

Painted assets like storage tanks and pipelines do not receive routine cleaning and need to be protected by a top-coating that will stand-up to harsh environments. The use of Nano-Clear will eliminate at least 1-2 repainting cycles by dramatically improving the long-term corrosion and UV resistance of ASTs. The business case for using Nano-Clear is very strong by significantly reducing repainting cycles, reducing paint material cost and reducing contracted labor costs during the lifecycle of the asset.

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