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The PROSOCO Consolideck concrete flooring system is everything you need for polished concrete floors from densifiers and decorative colors to oil and water repellents.


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Whether you’re building new or retrofitting, you’re likely working around a very specific vision for the finished flooring. Matte finish or a shiny pop; decorative color or an understated gray; smooth and seamless or imperfections welcome; we can get you there.

The Consolideck family of products for concrete flooring can help you deliver the floor you desire, down to the most exacting standards. Our products are best-in-class and our people are there to support you and make sure you get exactly what you want out of your floor.

We love floors of all shapes and sizes. Our catalog of products is so robust because no two floors are the same. Whether it’s a floor that experiences constant foot traffic, or just needs to be free of dust, our products can accommodate a floor for your specific needs and uses.

For the last 30+ years, coating chemistries have been variations on the same (linear chain) polymer themes. As a result, industrial customers are on an endless treadmill: Painting, then watching the subsequent oxidation, loss of gloss, corrosion, and paint failure… requiring in turn, labour-intensive surface prep and repainting with the same conventional coating technology.

NCI dramatically improves resistance to corrosion, weathering, abrasion, scratching, chipping, marring, chemical, and UV degradation. We achieve these industry leading levels of protection by incorporating polyurethane, polyuria pre-polymer and polysilane into a molecule dense 1K product. What makes NCI 1K additionally so unique is our extreme protection requires no activators, hardeners, or accelerators in the application process, making Nano-Clear ® extremely applicator friendly.

No matter how badly oxidized your existing coating is, Nano-Clear NCI will restore its colour and provide unmatched surface protection.

Nano-Clear NCI is also designed to be applied directly over freshly coated surfaces including 2K epoxies, 2K polyurethanes and powder coatings.

Nano-Clear® is manufactured using proprietary, highly cross-linked, 3D polymers which are engineered to enhance, restore, protect and extend the surface life of commercial and industrial coated assets for a minimum of 10 years from day of application.

NCI Is a one component (1K), humidity cured, multifunctional, protective clear topcoat. As a clearBefore NCI topcoat, NCI will chemically and mechanically bond to new and oxidized two component (2K) commercial and industrial epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, powder coatings, fibreglass, gel-coats, coated composite materials, select composite materials, latex, and anodized aluminum.

Put simply: NCI restores the color, gloss, surface hardness and extends the surface life of conventional coatings by 10 years.

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