ProGuard Canada

Laguna Beach Home

This is a beautiful, luxurious home located along the sunny coast of Laguna Beach, California. The house offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding houses/palm trees.


With such a large number of glass surfaces to care for and a high-degree of expectation as to how they would be cleaned, the homeowner of this brilliant home in Laguna, Beach California was looking for a solution that would help them reduce their cleaning time/costs, as well as keep their glass looking beautiful for years to come. In addition, to caring for a large number of glass panels, the homeowner was concerned about possible etching from the exposure to the nearby ocean.

“After learning about the long-term protection and ease of cleaning Diamon-Fusion low-maintenance coating provides, the homeowner decided to treat all their newly installed glass surfaces. Using state of the art technology, Diamon-Fusion fills in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass, creating an ultra-thin transparent coating that repels any contaminants from sticking to the surface.

The team at DFI successfully applied Diamon-Fusion protective coating to over 25 glass panels (5,000 sq. ft.) in the beautiful home. That included protecting the homeowner’s glass railings, shower doors, window facades, and outhouse – cutting cleaning costs by up to 90% and protecting from stains and scratches.

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