ProGuard Canada

Royal Centre

“We were faced with an ongoing issue whereby the building’s exterior concrete panels were leaching and depositing efflorescence onto the building’s floor to ceiling double glazed windows due the rains experienced here in the pacific northwest. The damage had become severe enough that visibility was not only compromised but also was leading towards a total replacement of the windows. The once a year requirement of costly acid washing, coupling to quarterly conventional window washing, was not proving to be a short nor long term solution.

Facing a $30 million price tag for replacing all of the windows (which still would not have solved the underlying issue), we needed an effective and long-term solution to this problem.

After they assessed the situation and reassured us that, yes – they could indeed help our underlying issue we proceeded. The first step was the windows were acid washed to remove the efflorescence then the precast panels were pressure washed. The next step was to coat all of the precast panels on all four sides with Nano-Clear® and then coat the windows. The Assero team was very professional, efficient and diligent in the work performed.

It has now been, 4+ years with a once per year maintenance wash of the windows, and the building concrete facade still looks great! We’re saving money, our tenants are happy, and more importantly a pending $30 million crisis has been averted!”

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